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Paul E. Oppenheimer
22 May 1953
Born 1953 in New York City.

19th century literature, adrienne rich, adult fairytales, analysis, ancient history, animals, art, asking questions, baroque music, books, bookstores, civil rights, classical music, classical studies, computational linguistics, contemporary composers, creativity, darwin, data, dreaming, dynamic equilibrium, early music, einstein, endicott studio, ethics, evolution, evolutionary biology, f/sf, faerie, fairy tales, fairytale retellings, family, fantasy, fiction, firebird books, firefly, folk music, folk songs, folklore, forebrain, forest, greek mythology, honesty, humane societies, imagination, intellectuals, interstitial, interstitial arts, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jane yolen, joy, lab work, laboratories, labs, languages, learning, libraries, liminality, literary criticism, literature, live music, logic, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, love, mathematics, medieval literature, medieval studies, meditation, metamorphosis, molecular dynamics, moon, music, musicals, myth, mythic arts, mythic fantasy, mythic fiction, mythical creatures, mythology, mythopoeic, mythopoeic fiction, nature, neil gaiman, neuroscience, nobel prizes, nonverbal communication, novels, ocean, open-source software, peter s beagle, philosophy, philosophy of science, poignant songs, polyphony, rain, reading, researchers, science, science books, science fiction, science geeks, science labs, science nerds, science news, science students, scientific american, scientific discoveries, scientific experiments, scientific journals, scientific method, scientific research, scientific theories, scientist, scientists, shadow unit, shakespeare, slipstream fiction, sorrow, star gazing, stars, storytelling, swimming, tam lin, tea, terri windling, the smallest uninteresting integer, theories, thomas the rhymer, thrift shopping, thunderstorms, tom waits, tori amos, transformations, trees, trust, urban fantasy, used books, used bookstores, wandering, water, white collar jobs, william shakespeare, wind, writing, ya, young adult literature